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@edent I'd never even heard of it / them before. But now I have!
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The state we're in. And why. 😡
@BarristerSecret : While researching Book 2 I’ve discovered a fun fact.The author of almost every Daily Mail legal aid fake news pie… .
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12-3 #DirtyWater!
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RT @ByDonkeys :
@ByDonkeys : Dear @BBCNews please PLEASE don’t do that false equivalence thing (“There we’re two marches today...”) without bein… .
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@rachelclarke Thank you for your service to the cause.
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@greywulf @reallorraine It doesn't! It was just a way of acknowledging in words the difference between Lorraine-as-…
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@greywulf @reallorraine You're missing the major point. Corporate bosses have (a) a contract OF employment with (b)…