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Yesterday at 22:45 »
RT @JohnFugelsang :
@JohnFugelsang : America; where the Planned Parenthood shooter's too insane to stand trial for murder but not too insane to buy 4 SKS semi-automatic rifles.
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Yesterday at 22:43 »
For "GOP" read "Theresa May's Conservatives".
@LawyerRogelio : Republican motto.
Yesterday at 21:33 »
More men in skirts... This is becoming a thing.
Yesterday at 18:17 »
I ❤️ the idea that #MayMustGo but scared that all the alternatives in the Tory party are even worse!
@gaurangmorjaria : #TheresaMayLame Leader's Contest Lame CampaigningLame ManifestoLame MandateLame CoalitionLame Queen's SpeechLame Duck PM#MayMustGo
Yesterday at 18:10 »
@s_lincoln94 @TfL @elizabethline @NetworkRailLST @SadiqKhan "Give us the money" applies. 😕
Yesterday at 17:53 »
Great Britain to continue having state ownership of its railways. Just not the UK state. The profits leave instead…
@railwaygazette : UK: West Coast Partnership shortlist: MTR/Guangshen Rly, First/Trenitalia, Stagecoach/Virgin/SNCF. Full details:… .
Yesterday at 14:40 »
@AskLloydsBank @TakeFive A 15-character password is not a secure password.