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Today at 14:03 »
Oh dear. After the peace and quiet of the last few days the kids next door have returned home. ARGH!!!
Today at 12:21 »
Don't understand how the Olympic Rings can be considered "advertising".
@bbcouch : GB Para-swimming star Josef Craig banned over tattoo .
Today at 10:52 »
RT @tigoe : Love this.
@RobbyKraft: scientist: "does everyone here know what Watson and Crick discovered?" me from back of room: "Rosalind Franklin's notes"
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Today at 10:51 »
Margaret Hodge, huh? Those whom the gods would seek to self-destroy they first make mad. Crazy timing.
Today at 10:45 »
Waiting for post to arrive. ::twiddles thumbs ::
Yesterday at 21:22 »
#NoteToSelf - Today is Monday, not Sunday.
Yesterday at 18:02 »
Watching a 26-year old Barbara Joan Streisand. <3 <3 #FunnyGirl
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