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Today at 17:47 »
Pity that in order to read the letter therein I have to permit the download to my machine of scribd javascript :O
@alexanderhanff : CONGRATULATIONS @IDGUK - You have the honour of being 1st test case against #adblock detection. #privacy #security
Today at 17:39 »
OK, which side is Price playing on here? #RedSox or #BlueJays?
Today at 17:35 »
RT @jackschofield :
@jackschofield : Create your own Donald Trump slogan with the LGF Trump Bumper Sticker Generator! .
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Today at 17:35 »
btw, hoping that David Price manages to stop the rot of the last few days. Go #RedSox - PLEASE!
Today at 17:33 »
Got fed up with 'issues' with this machine when booting so have done partial reinstall. Now testing. Some improvement already noted :-)
Today at 13:29 »
When I see a supplier say they use Yodel for delivery, I won't order from them. Their choice, their loss.
@edent : @andypiper feel free to borrow from .
Today at 13:23 »
@Atanvarne Must've been some party...