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Today at 00:48 »
The Cruz ship has definitely sunk.
Today at 00:45 »
Where's the black pudding?
@TelegraphLondon : Are these the weirdest 11 British habits? .
Today at 00:43 »
RT @HeerJeet :
@HeerJeet : I'm increasingly sympathetic to the Hunter S. Thompson idea that you should cover elections while stoned out of your mind.
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Today at 00:41 »
#RedSox pitcher lacking run support so far. Not the usual suspect either. :-(
Today at 00:07 »
@Kake Printed maps are a 'very good thing' ™
Today at 00:05 »
Why does @mlbtv have a 'presented by amazon' message up on the ad breaks? Are we getting a rebate on the subscription?
Yesterday at 22:11 »
@edent isn't the usual answer "Marketing said we'd make more money doing it this way"?