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Today at 18:27 »
@CaptHaddock83 Lots of people from around the country actually. People are concerned that are no plans for what #BrexitBritain means.
Today at 18:26 »
All the damn shops are still open on Oxford Street! So much for thinking it would be a fast journey!
Today at 18:06 »
Dual nationality or just residence can make for acceptance issues. #BrexitBritain is suffering similarly.
@the_anke : Shooter in Munich, a German-Iranian, deliberately targeted foreigners and shouted 'I am German!'. Nationality is a weird thing isn't it.
Today at 18:04 »
And back out into the fresh air and a number ten bus. #BrexitBritain
Today at 16:40 »
RT @theloudbloke :
@theloudbloke : @AlisonW concur, the lack of a plan or even the incling of what the future will be is very uninspiring.
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Today at 16:14 »
Filming starts soon (6pm BBC2) so will shortly 'go quiet'. #BrexitBritain has been an interesting - though not enlightening - day.
Today at 15:47 »
@TuppenceFervour UK things - retail banking, insurance - can probably survive, but international is f***ed. #BrexitBritain