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Yesterday at 23:23 »
Buchholz walks first batter he faces :-( Time to pray for rain yet? #RedSox
Yesterday at 22:18 »
When you say or write "winningest" I judge you. I suspect you actually mean "most successful". Writing proper English is good™.
Yesterday at 21:15 »
What happens when North Korea discover those (alleged) 'trigger words'? The Donald goes boom? 😱
@howardfineman : And now #MichaelSavage says #Hillary got world class "manipulative psychologists" to give her "trigger words" to discombobulate The Donald.
On Tuesday at 14:00 »
A poor workman blames his tools.A rich fool should blame himself..
@Toure : Trump post debate: “They gave me a defective mic. Did you notice that? My mic was defective within the room. I wonder, was that on purpose?”
On Tuesday at 13:55 »
Do you mean Mr Trump ... LIED??Not what you'd call a desirable trait in a presidential candidate...
@MajorCBS : On @foxandfriends @realDonaldTrump said he won a @CBSNews post-debate poll. We did not conduct a post-debate poll.
On Tuesday at 13:50 »
So about a lie every two minutes he was speaking then. And some people think he should be President? 😦
@ddale8 : It takes three pages in size 10.5 font to describe Trump's 34 false claims from the debate. #TrumpCheck
On Tuesday at 13:32 »
Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! But please stop him from ripping his clothes off, OK? Some things are just too scar…
@jerryspringer : Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.