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Today at 01:45 »
@MurbsSox we can share :-)
Today at 01:32 »
Major League Baseball has been going for over a hundred years, yet in that time only TWO players were 11 for 11. Pedroia tonight made three.
Today at 01:01 »
Homer time! Mookie! HanRam! βšΎπŸ’¨πŸ‘ #RedSox on FIRE!!
Yesterday at 23:59 »
Baseball being fun tonight :-P #RedSox #WhereIsTheBallGoingNext?
Yesterday at 23:30 »
There's a ball up there!!! .... SOMEWHERE????!!!! #Royals lost the plot ... or at least the ball. Yards out :-) #RedSox doing well tonight!
Yesterday at 23:28 »
@rjw1 @phantas pml :-)
Yesterday at 23:27 »
X-MAN!!! #RedSox on the board thanks to Xander launching a long ball over the Monster. WOO!!