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Yesterday at 21:50 »
RT @StrongerIn :
@StrongerIn : IMPORTANT: what the Leave campaign says about the NHS is so misleading even Leave campaigners are disowning it: .
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Yesterday at 21:49 »
I received NO notification of either change. Six years extra to survive. How? #WASPI
@dianemcwade : #WASPI Changes imposed in 5 yrs NOT 10 yrs, women told 14 yrs later and thousands never told. 6 yrs added NOT 18mths
Yesterday at 21:41 »
@doctordns Yup. Easy guess really :O
Yesterday at 21:37 »
Of, FRACK! "North Yorkshire county council received 4,375 objections and just 36 letters in support" Democracy? 😠
Yesterday at 18:17 »
Saw a VoteLeave broadcast earlier. So full of lies and misleading statements it's unacceptable it is allowed. #Remain
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Yesterday at 18:16 »
@the_anke Nope, though as my bed is only a little lower I've noticed. A lovely day indeed.
Yesterday at 13:55 »
@edent @ChipoloTM "Not waterproof or edible". :-(