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RT @Hugodixon :
@Hugodixon : Chair of UK Statistics authority, Andrew Dilnot, slams misuse of £350m figure. Continued use by @vote_leave is a lie .
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Today at 10:9 »
FEWER!!!! 😠😠😠
@BBCRadio4 : How to have less punctuation mistakes. Or is it fewer? .
Today at 9:54 »
RT @RedSoxRedShoes :
@RedSoxRedShoes : "This may be the last inning for Buchholz," says Remy, stopping tantalizingly before he says the word "ever." #RedSox
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Today at 9:35 »
Agreed. Without people seeing the full, terrible effect of atomic explosion they wouldn't be afraid of another.
@Radlein : There are times I suspect that if we had somehow ended WW2 WITHOUT dropping any A-bombs, there would have been a full-blown nuclear cold war
Today at 00:08 »
@__fc yup. Bad Clay.
Today at 00:02 »
Bad Clay! See what happens when you don't do what Vazquez tells you to throw? :-( #RedSox
Yesterday at 23:46 »
Sub-surface on the left, deep tube on the right. Same gauge, similar distances, both London icons. #UndergrounD
@MrTimDunn : The difference in size between(a) a London Underground train &(b) a London tube train