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Today at 21:07 »
RT @redsox1234 : Fuck yeah, LA!
@MarinNBCLA: BREAKING: 750,000 people attending Women's Rally downtown LA. Organizers expected 80,000. @nbcla .
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Today at 21:06 »
@NicolaSturgeon Watched you on BBC Parliament this morning. Please could you offer political asylum to us English remainers. We need help!
Today at 21:04 »
Started watching a film on TV.I'd had enough of it while the opening credits were still running. </off>
Today at 20:49 »
RT @Duff_Goldman :
@Duff_Goldman : The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama's inauguration 4 years ago. The one on the right is Trum… .
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Today at 20:47 »
Lots of pictures and video: #RiseUp #WomensMarchOnWashington #WomensMarch
Today at 20:46 »
RT @Soxfan311 :
@Soxfan311 : This is how you send a message. Women & men, old and young, all races and nationalities! #WeThePeople #RiseUp… .
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Today at 20:46 »
What would you expect from a confirmed liar?#Inauguration #GrumpyTrumpy #NOTfakeNews
@IvanBrandon : Trump is now saying, from the CIA HQ, that the pictures of the crowd yesterday, WHICH WERE RELEASED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, were faked.