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Today at 02:20 »
I posted this at the start of #debatenight Whoever had 'Never' has won.
@AlisonW : Is there a clock running on how long until Trump actually answers a question? What's the over/under? #debatenight
Today at 02:14 »
@CJsGoldfish : With this performance, I wouldn't even let Mr. TRUMP be a contestant on The Apprentice
Today at 02:11 »
RT @labgrrl :
@labgrrl : If Donald Trump still appeals to you after this debate I literally do not want to know you. Please block me so I never see your shit.
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Today at 02:10 »
Now he's fat-shaming! #debatenight
Today at 02:08 »
RT @labgrrl :
@labgrrl : Trump just accused Hillary of trying to "act holier-than-thou." If you do not know that code, ask any educated woman ever.
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Today at 02:07 »
Question from the floor: Aren't candidates supposed to get equal time? Why is the moderator not stopping Trump interrupting? #debatenight
Today at 02:05 »
RT @FortuneMagazine :
@FortuneMagazine : Donald Trump says he got only a β€˜small loan’ from his father. Depends on your definition of β€˜small’… .
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