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Today at 19:32 »
grrr ... damn power cuts. Just after I'd put dinner on to cook as well. At least it only lasted five minutes ... :-(
Today at 01:17 »
Ortiz still has time to reach 40 homers in his 40th year :-) That was number 31! #RedSox
Today at 01:16 »
Papa #31! #RedSox
Yesterday at 23:21 »
I know which one I would, and which one I'd never. Can you guess? #NeverTrump
Yesterday at 23:18 »
Where is "Scottland"? Is #Trump imagining things again? #Scotland
@PattyArquette : Watch what #Trump does to a community in Scottland new Doc You've Been Trumped . via @YouTube
Yesterday at 20:32 »
Seriously?? You have a poor memory, clearly. It was awful.
@IainDale : The remake of ARE YOU BEING SERVED was brilliant. Funnier than the original. Honestly, though, the state of Mrs Slocombe's pussy...
Yesterday at 20:30 »
Well that was pretty dire. Surprised that the BBC announced how to buy a copy. Maybe #Porridge will be better?