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Today at 00:51 »
@MurbsSox That works.
Today at 00:50 »
Time to replace Clay, I think. Unpredictable used to be OK, but this year he's the bad sort of predictable :-( #RedSox
Today at 00:04 »
@labgrrl /me sends hugs.
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Today at 00:00 »
@LouMerloni @dfishman814 West excessively delayed calling time after all action had finished.
Yesterday at 23:58 »
@pcon People looked to see who was pitching and decided accordingly.
Yesterday at 23:47 »
"Tonight's pitcher is Clay Buchholz". Is anything else more scary to a #RedSox fan now? Giving up too many runs. Again.
Yesterday at 23:46 »
That Joe West is just nasty. Should have called time at end of play but didn't so he could call a delayed out. Grrrr! #RedSox