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@HertfordLibDems : Former Tory MP, Nick Boles in the Standard: .
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Yesterday at 17:01 »
@BBCBreakfast A 'production mistake' which required retrieving old video from an archive and splicing it in to rece…
Yesterday at 16:59 »
@christopherward Had to look the name up as didn't recollect it, only to discover he's a ship jumper. Worrying.
On Sunday at 22:10 »
Maybe he's acknowledging that climate change is a *global* emergency, needing countries to work together not just a…
@Independent : Boris Johnson says major flooding in North is ‘not a national emergency’ .
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@BenPBradshaw: The Sunday Times report on the Russian Tory donors named in the official intelligence report suppressed by Johnson… .
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On Sunday at 20:33 »
@unitetoremain But not Brighton?
On Sunday at 20:31 »
@velvetfur Definitely too wet!