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Today at 17:28 »
FFS AMERICA! "lawsuit argues EMBRYOS are being deprived of their inheritance from a trust by not being born."
Today at 17:16 »
@rachelclarke on the way *in*? Be _very_ careful on the way out then!
Today at 12:42 »
Boris Johnson: Not fit for purpose! How can a Foreign Secretary's statements be 'not the government's view'?
On Tuesday at 19:45 »
"Immigrants should integrate and learn the language if they want to live here!" 😥
@AzTheBaz : "Some British immigrants lead such separate lives that they believe Spain is a British country."
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On Tuesday at 19:41 »
So you're saying if Moncada was called Boncada we'd have kept him? ☺
@LouMerloni : We've been talking about Sale for 2 years. Back then if I told you that u could get him without giving up Betts Bogaerts JBJ or Benintendi?
On Tuesday at 19:38 »
RT @ExactlyJ :
@ExactlyJ : Be more specific Theresa! "It's going to be an EB0505, 050CE0 and FFFFFF Brexit. There, don't we all feel better now?
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On Tuesday at 19:36 »
Starting from scratch again instead of having eight guys already seasoned? Notsogood. Loss of Moncada is an especia…
@LouMerloni : If you're upset about Dombrowski unloading the farm system, keep in mind the Sox are still allowed to draft players in next years draft