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Yesterday at 20:47 »
Filthy, Dirty Water in the fens! #RedSox win a to-and-fro game 8 to 6 ;-) βšΎπŸ’¨πŸ‘ Road Trip!
Yesterday at 19:32 »
Compared to what Hunt's done to NHS, Osborne did to UK finances, and Cameron did to EU I'd say a great improvement!
@NewLabourLives : Does anyone really think the public will put Corbyn in charge of the military,McDonnell in charge of our finances and Diane Abbott the NHS?
Yesterday at 19:28 »
HanRam!!! GranSlam!!! #RedSox back in the game!
Yesterday at 17:58 »
X-man does it again!
Yesterday at 16:01 »
RT @Greens4Animals :
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Yesterday at 15:57 »
#EveryJobMatters If you call it a job then it should always be paid at the rate for the job. #PayingTheBills
@forexposure_txt : You can't expect to get paid for everything you do, sometimes you just have to do your job.
Yesterday at 15:48 »
BUT it was much easier to divide amounts. Β£1 a dozen is how much each - now? then? #NotAllBad!
@Otto_English : Demands for a return of Imperial measurements gives me the perfect opportunity to wheel out this handy summary....