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@jaredjeya : @Neferure1 @TheDudeDJ @CCleePolitical @EmmaKennedy @joswinson 1/ Actually, in 2017 voting Lib Dem meant a rejection… .
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@bradfitz: Ready to lose notification access? Two dollars. .
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@robynkanner @wendydshaffer @nytimes Hillary did win, by three million or so.
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Yesterday at 23:39 »
@Dan010173 Unworkable. eg. Tory win plus remain win equals chaos.
Yesterday at 23:26 »
So, basically, it doesn't matter who the voters of Mississippi support. Democracy?
@PiperPerabo : “To win governor of #Mississippi, a candidate must win BOTH the popular vote AND a majority of the 122 state House… .
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@artemis0801 @faisalislam @TelePolitics No relationship to "Truth" in either case.
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Sale discounted? #RedSox(too soon?)