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Today at 16:34 »
@Atanvarne I might try that; just used tablet camera in poor lighting so spose I shouldn't be too surprised.
Today at 16:30 »
@Atanvarne 👏👏
Today at 16:21 »
@Atanvarne Just tried it on me. Still as fugly as ever. :O
Today at 15:47 »
@Atanvarne Looks ... um, interesting. And different. Very different!
Today at 12:08 »
RT @QueerDiscOx :
@QueerDiscOx : *In Starbucks*Barista: Your name?Arya Stark: A girl has no nameBarista: Grande skinny latte coming up *writes Agool Hesno Naym on cup*
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Today at 08:17 »
@lonrec Noticed that. Why do people keep suggesting them! So impractical! Time for 🚝🚝🚝
Today at 07:43 »
@RedRoxProjects it was interesting! Moderate surprise you didn't mention the Theremin but then it is analogue and very oldskool ;-)