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Today at 01:54 »
I'm thinking this #WorldSeries might go with home field to a game seven. ⚾💨
@NotWallyGM : That sound you hear in the distance is all the people jumping off the Cubs bandwagon.
Today at 01:36 »
Neither team in this #WorldSeries is called the #RedSox but whichever actually wins they are the team to thank. Former players & management.
Today at 01:24 »
@HunterFelt lack of challenge more surprising as teams get two challenges iirc. #WorldSeries
Today at 01:17 »
So Lester is still too scared to throw to first. Plus ça change. #WorldSeries @HunterFelt
Today at 01:13 »
RT @SoVeryBritish :
@SoVeryBritish : 9pm - Tired10pm - Bed11pm - TwitterMidnight - One more scan of Twitter1am - Still on Twitter2am - One last look at Twitter4am - Oh no
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Today at 01:11 »
Knife goes on the *right*, dammit!
@ohheyohhihello : This is it. This is the best headline.
Today at 01:10 »
History made! Kluber first ever pitcher to make eight Ks in first three innings. Wow. #WorldSeries ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾💨
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