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On Monday at 23:53 »
Well one run from bases loaded is an improvement. Not a lot of improvement though, but better than a K. #RedSox 2-0
On Monday at 23:47 »
Damn! We loaded the bases ... #RedSox
On Monday at 23:36 »
Oh that Mookie!!!! Homer number THIRTY!! βšΎπŸ’¨πŸ‘ #RedSox
On Monday at 23:15 »
Ray's leadoff is 0 for 18 ... so of course he reaches first base easily :-( #RedSox
On Monday at 19:32 »
grrr ... damn power cuts. Just after I'd put dinner on to cook as well. At least it only lasted five minutes ... :-(
On Monday at 01:17 »
Ortiz still has time to reach 40 homers in his 40th year :-) That was number 31! #RedSox
On Monday at 01:16 »
Papa #31! #RedSox