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Today at 16:36 »
@jackschofield one reason to always get a dual-floppy machine! But yes, logic was never DOS's strong point.
Today at 16:32 »
@jackschofield I used to run it on an Amstrad pcw512. Hated moving to DOS.
Today at 11:07 »
RT @tjmcintyre :
@tjmcintyre : 1/ UK Supreme Court gave judgment today in Scottish "named persons law" case. It's a very strong pro-privacy ruling.
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Today at 10:11 »
@guardian My mum still has an unopened 5-pack of VHS tapes!
Yesterday at 20:48 »
@mike_petriello Could imagine Remy doing that back when paired with Don O.
Yesterday at 20:45 »
If you ever doubted that the Daily Express and Daily Mail were full of outright lies, just read within.
@MobileMaggie : well whaddaya know - the EU has taken the time to rebutt nonsense UK glad rag claims: . (thanks @jorabin for finding)
Yesterday at 20:40 »
Hitters win games, pitchers lose 'em. #RedSox have former but definitely not the latter. Dombrowski it's up to you.
@NotWallyGM : @AlisonW They've won games because of their lineup. But that won't win 1 run games in the playoffs, not with playoff pitching.