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Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson's plan has only ever been to get himself a new bed in Downing Street.He has no…
@guardian : Boris Johnson’s braggadocio will soon come back to haunt him at Number 10 | Andrew Rawnsley .
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The sooner lorry companies (and, yes, drivers) are fined the *full* costs associated with bridge strikes the more l…
@don_dapper : As bridges overestimate how visible they are to traffic around them - a hi-vis sign is a really simple step that br… .
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RT @labisiffre :
@labisiffre : THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY1) Existence Is Eternal & Infinite.2) There Is No Evidence Of God.3) We don’t Find meaning.… .
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@edent Not unusual. Few houses were built with enough sockets for modern needs and extra sockets tend to be spurred…
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@edent Can you test the connections on the back side, ie without socket? If fails then suspect it's been wired as a…
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@CuppCakeJen *Hopefully*... 🙄
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of mine who'd travelled 40 miles.But we cancelled, packed everything up again, and went to a pub for a few hours.…