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2016-02-17 - 21:33:57 - by AlisonW - Topic: UK-Politics: Conservative | Health |

It's often said that strikes are always about money, but might I draw your attention to something else … trust.

We each, every day, trust other people to do their jobs properly and safely. Whether they are driving the bus which takes our children to school, or the doctor who looks after us in a hospital, they each have the possibility to main or even kill if they fail to do their job properly.

And that means they get proper rest breaks, and regular sleep.

If you drive a truck or a bus the government sets limits on the maximum number of hours you can work in a day and a week, and also sets a limit of how many hours you can work over any two week (fourteen day) period.

The numbers are NINE in a day, FIFTY-SIX in a week, and NINETY in any two week period.

Now look at the government's contract with the doctors. The Telegraph tells us that "The Government says the new deal would have an absolute limit of 72 hours in any week, lower than the 91 hours that the current arrangements allow." and "Employers will be banned from scheduling any shifts over 13 hours, down from the current full shift length of 14 hours."

So currently Doctors can be ordered to work FIVE HOURS more each day than bus drivers are permitted to drive, and more IN ONE WEEK than those drivers are allowed to work in TWO!

Even with the 'new deal' the medical staff in your local hospital will still be working far more hours than is considered safe for drivers.

Who do you trust with your life?

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Who do you trust with your life?

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