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Yesterday at 22:56 »
RT @dannykellywords :
@dannykellywords : Good job David Bowie was cremated. Saved himself a lot of spinning in his grave. #proms
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Yesterday at 22:55 »
I would say "The good, the bad, and the ugly" but none of them are any good whatsoever!
@iyad_elbaghdadi : Alright. Caption contest.
Yesterday at 22:53 »
@ZoiePalmer So have you compared notes on being a ship's android with Less Doig? Both doing a kick-ass job an all...
Yesterday at 22:41 »
Mexico only +54? Seems awfully low ...
@JohnRentoul : From tomorrow's FT
Yesterday at 22:40 »
@patrickhadfield "nu-Labour"? Oh no, they tried that one. Ah ... Bluelabour!
Yesterday at 22:35 »
Is this like when there was a Pope and an Antipope? Any MPs who *leave* Labour cannot still call themselves Labour!
@scattermoon : Labour MPs so concerned about Corbyn splitting Labour that they're going to split Labour .
Yesterday at 22:31 »
They're all true!
@TheDailyShow : Trump is now eligible to receive classified intelligence briefings. We managed to snag a few. #CinnamonHitler
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