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Just a note: I tend to follow people who post interesting original stuff alongside occasional RTs and cute animal pics. Politics is good.
Today at 10:58 »
If you're well-off - have a safe job and home you own - then maybe you can risk the UK falling to pieces. Most can't
@StrongerIn : ICYMI from last night - UKIP's Diane James admits the Leave campaign "just don't know" what will happen if we leave.
Today at 10:46 »
#TTIP is a race to the bottom for standards, quality, and product safety. SO dangerous to everyone of us.
Today at 10:19 »
hallo - holรก - bonjour - ciao - tere - terve - szia - labas - salut - ahoj - GOOD MORNING EUROPE!
Today at 9:59 »
@proactivepaul iirc it is/was a trademarked name in the single-word form, so two words to describe the thing itself. ymmv.
Today at 9:58 »
Starting now. #Remain
@openDemocracy : Can't make saturday's Another Europe is Possible event in London? Watch the livestream here .
Today at 9:47 »
It's arrived. I voted #IN in 1975. I'll be voting #REMAIN in 2016. For the sake of a better England, UK, and Europe.