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Today at 10:57 »
Zac lies! Tories have already cut TfL budget by £700million! He hasn't protected it at all! #bbcsp
Today at 10:55 »
Given the Tories didn't keep to the manifesto promises why should we ever believe Zac? Don't! #bbcsp
Today at 10:32 »
RT @codepo8 :
@codepo8 : Our preference for women with large breasts and muscular men is exactly what would happen if aliens were breeding us for milk and meat.
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Today at 10:20 »
RT @RozKaveney :
@RozKaveney : It's simple. Any Labour politician who does not condemn Goldsmith is putting their anti-Corbyn putsch ahead of the interests of Londoners
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Today at 10:20 »
RT @RozKaveney :
@RozKaveney : Will the usual Progress mob step up and condemn Zac Goldsmith's intolerable attack on Sadiq Khan in the Mail? Or be complicit by silence?
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Today at 10:20 »
Annoyed how #bbcsp is spending so much time and bias on Tory-manufactured anti-Labour story. Distracts from NHS and important matters.
Today at 10:12 »
I watched #MLBplus both days. Liked it and will stay with it when it has my team on. #RedSox! ⚾💨
@mike_petriello : Can confirm. Source: me, sitting next to @williamfleitch at my desk and soon to head over to the studio. .