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2016-10-05 - 23:18:49 - by AlisonW - Topic: UK-Politics: Conservative | Europe |

Theresa May keeps insisting that she was for Remain, but I've yet to see any evidence that she actively campaigned on our side. And now she has the utter gall to say she understands the working poor and is against the rich and powerful! She and all her cabinet are multi-millionaires ffs!

The only true thing she said was "They find the fact that more than 17 million people voted to leave the European Union simply bewildering", but even there she ignores the over 55 million who did NOT vote to leave the safety and security of the EU, and that the 17 million were lied to throughout the campaign period.

Is it any wonder that this country is so divided? That people are so angry? That none of us know what the hell is going to happen next?

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