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SARS-CoVID2 Vaccinations

2020-03-12 16:56:21 - by AlisonW OurWorld Health People

I'm seeing tweets and posts about there already being a vaccination against the new pandemic but that they are being kept secret in Germany or Israel or whereever. This is a lie.

There are NONE presently, anywhere, as analysis of the #SARSCoVID2 is still ongoing. Just because the genome has already been published doesn't mean it is fully understood. At some point there will be something available to test and that will take some months to ensure no dangerous side-effects (let's cure not kill, please) so at best it will be the end of year before a safe vaccination.

By which time you'll probably have already caught it given how little testing is being undertaken in most countries (so allowing spread without knowledge).

By the way, 'working from home' should NOT mean working from your preferred cafe.