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Life is over, for the time being.

2020-01-31 23:00:34 - by alisonw Politics-UK Brexit
sad brexit


2019-12-29 16:30:37 - by alisonw Politics-UK News

From Call for inquiry into government leak of honours list addresses:

More than 1,000 prominent figures who are to receive honours had their home and work addresses posted on a government website


It is still recent that the UK Government was all for a 'secure' (sic) method of controlling everyone's access to 'certain sites' (read "porn") and telling us all that the idea was absolutely secure; our data would be "safe in government hands" with no risk of violation.

London Mayoral candidates threaten travel plans

2016-01-06 22:30:00 - by alisonw Politics-UK London_Mayor

One of the main drivers of fares policy in London is the policy of the Mayor in office at the time. And today I notice the various major candidates have been stating how they would (in my opinion) underfinance the Tfl pot to a dangerous degree in the hope of chasing votes.

Without wanting to become overly political the various proposals so far include

* cutting Tube and rail fares for journeys before 07:30 by half (LibDem) * a fare freeze until 2020 (Labour) * “bearing down” (whatever that means) on travel costs (Tory) * removing travel zones and introducing a flat fare (Green)

These would all suggest that politicians think that maintenance, improvements, and growth of the system are unnecessary. With London expected to grow by an additional million people over the next ten years it is sad that front-line politicians are so so wrong.

Cyril Smith and others

2015-03-18 12:00:00 - by alisonw Politics-UK News

'Sex parties' take place between consenting adults. And only between consenting adults.

What Smith et all have been accused of is child exploitation, abuse and What Smith et all have been accused of is child exploitation, abuse and rape, not a 'party'.

And it is about time BBC news stopped making it sound like everyone was there for jelly and ice cream. Frankly, their approach to this story disgusts me.

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