Pressure on Cameron

2011-07-17 21:39:49 - by alisonw Politics-UK

I really hope that we don't see pressure on Cameron to resign from all this as that would just play into the hands of NOTW. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and everyone is currently throwing accusations around, yet *at the time* there were sufficiently innocent explanations for the actions of Cameron and Sir Paul (and others) that it feels unreasonable, to me, that they should take the blame. "Yet", anyway.

Plus let us not forget just how close Blair and his coterie were in the past. Labour do not have clean hands in any of this either so who would you want to take over the leadership of this country? Yes, let us have complete transparency of what happened in the past, and place mechanisms for openness in the future, but in finding the real guilty parties let us not tar everyone who came in probably-innocent contact with them with the same brush. That strikes too much of a lynch mob running wild.