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Yesterday at 23:47 »
Three future Who's - but no women considered :-(
@NothingLane : 20 years ago this very day, the TVM aired in the UK. Here's one of the earliest casting documents for the Doctor.
Yesterday at 22:19 »
Waste of a place in the bullpen. Who y'a gonna call? NOT CLAY! ⚾💨 #RedSox
@WEEI : Clay Buchholz heading to bullpen, Eduardo Rodriguez to start Tuesday .
Yesterday at 22:17 »
RT @SamanthaSwords :
@SamanthaSwords : Massive 1000+ #lightsaber battle in Boston Common this Saturday! Except don't call them lightsabers, say Lucas Film.
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Yesterday at 18:30 »
:: groan ::
@paulrharvey3 : 📷 diary-of-a-stormtrooper: Must be his Wookiee year… |-o-| .
Yesterday at 14:38 »
tl;dr: "Everybody is lying to some degree"
@guardian : 'Misleading' referendum campaigns blasted by Commons committee .
Yesterday at 10:19 »
RT @Hugodixon :
@Hugodixon : Chair of UK Statistics authority, Andrew Dilnot, slams misuse of £350m figure. Continued use by @vote_leave is a lie .
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Yesterday at 10:9 »
FEWER!!!! 😠😠😠
@BBCRadio4 : How to have less punctuation mistakes. Or is it fewer? .