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Today at 15:53 »
Such a perfect idea!
Today at 15:44 »
@RoyalMail £3 fee, card has ref on, phoned office earlier was told can't check. I think all items on way to me accounted for so will ignore.
Today at 15:10 »
@RoyalMail Thanks, but "contact the sender" is the issue - I don't know who sent it (or when) and loathe to make 30mile trip to find out :-)
Today at 10:38 »
@RoyalMail I understand that (though you do have the item, of course) but without stating details on card it could be rubbish junk mail!
Yesterday at 08:13 »
Up and out stupid early today, working a charity event. Here b4 6am! Goo luck to runners at #Mudpack3
On Saturday at 22:08 »
RT @lizsdean :
@lizsdean : Dear men: I don't want to hear your opinion on abortion and a woman's right to choose. Shut up.
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