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2017-12-31 09:43:00 - by alisonw Personal Friends

Oh well, it's that time of year again. Time to put on some make-up, turn on the 8-track, and see how we got here...

Unlike '16, the year wasn't seemingly an unending series of world-famous people dying, nor did it include the electoral disasters of Trump and Brexit. It was, however, full of chickens coming home to roost in respect of the latter, with no sign of improvement yet visible.

Whilst me and mine didn't suffer anything too serious (and are still here - yay!) I'm aware that many friends have lost family members. My condolences again to them, and the hope that the new year will bring solace.

It would be nice if we could expect world peace in 2018, but with Trump, Xi, and Putin, that seems less likely than it has for very many years. Indeed back in January I was starting to put together a "bug out" pack...

At the moment I'm not seeing anything personally wonderful or exciting on the horizon, but surprises happen so I shall try to remain optimistic. But remember, we're all still standing, so congratulations on surviving another year!

To departed friends, adieu!

To the rest of you, salut !

Bonne année, prosit neu jahr, and a Happy New Year!