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EMF Camp 2020

2020-02-19 19:05:51 - by alisonw Events Camps Making Hackspaces

This evening was the first of the three ticket scrambles for this year's EMF camp.

I had three browsers open and refreshed each of them on the tick of 7pm … and the site fell over with an https fault. Thankfully a refresh brought them back to life after a few moments and I managed to complete one of the ticket forms before they all sold out. So, yay, going to try getting to camp again, and this time I intend to succeed. Last time I booked but had to cancel for transport reasons, but this time I know all I need to do is put a new roof on my squaredrop and I'll be ready to roll.

Now to think about whether - and what - to present about. Raspberry Pi's, espresso coffee, and indieweb blogging come to mind.