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A Member of the Federation

2022-11-06 23:22:53 - by AlisonW Tech News People

Whether it is Star Trek, Blakes 7, Star Wars, or somewhere else, "The Federation" is a thing to be acknowledged, and maybe respected too. In this case though I'm referring to the Mastodon network, where many people are signing up as a Social Media site which isn't Twitter but is similar.

I'm running an instance myself, in part to learn, in part because data protection and privacy rules matter. The data is protected by being on hardware which I have direct personal and physical control over, and not off in someone else's datacentre.

This doesn't mean I'm _leaving_ Twitter immediately, but I'll be massively cutting down there and replacing my 'tweets' with 'toots'. To add me I'm at @AlisonW@fedimon.uk - hope to see you soon!

BarCamp London XII

2020-02-13 17:00:00 - by alisonw Tech News

Designed to Last

2020-02-08 17:00:00 - by alisonw Tech News

From This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web:

This Page is Designed to Last: A Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web

Massive agreement from me re his noting that "First came jquery, then bootstrap, npm, angular, grunt, webpack, and more." - one reason I try to roll my own scaffolding is I don't want to be reliant on any of these, plus they add bloat if I only want a single feature.


2019-12-31 21:24:23 - by alisonw Tech News

From Significant Changes to Accessing and Using GeoLite2 Databases | MaxMind Blog:

MaxMind has always been committed to an individual’s right to privacy on the internet. We welcome the burgeoning privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, for the benefit they can provide to internet citizens. However, these new legislative measures place restrictions that impact …

Like many developers I use a number of sources to locate where an IP address might be in order to select a default language, character set, and currency. It just got more difficult...

In brief …

Cyril Smith and others 'Sex parties' take place between consenting adults. And only between consenting adults.…

The Rennard affair I'm still around. mostly elsewhere though. However … being on tv last week was 'interesting' as well as being…

Goodbye to Vox The closing. vox. com/Vox blogging service from SixApart is closing down at the end of this month.…

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