Long time...

2022-08-23 14:56:09 - by AlisonW Open Chyrp Coding Corvd Known Software

...no use. This is my personal playground and, until a recent OS upgrade at the weekend, I was running an installation of "Known" (and before that a heavily modified "Chyrp") But then PHP8.1 came along and screwed me up enough to dust off the software I had been working on and sort out it's issues. Which I mostly have.

This site will, as always, be available at my personal whim. "Age of the geek, baby"

Coffee time

2022-08-11 11:03:42 - by AlisonW Personal Coffee

I drink coffee every morning, usually a couple of double espressos made using my Rocket machine. But the price of coffee beans has been creeping up and I've been trying to decide whether buying 'green' (unroasted) beans in bulk and roasting them myself might make financial sense. So whilst having a nice soak in a bubble bath this afternoon I tried running the maths in my head.

Two+ doubles per day = 750 cups per year.
Each cup uses about 20g of beans, so I'm using roughly 15kg of roasted beans per year.

I currently pay £5.40 per kilo of my usual† coffee, so £231 per year (or 31p per cup). Buying green would be about £11 per kilo for a 10kg bag. Losing maybe 5% on roasting would make that £11.55 per kilo, a saving of £3.85 per kilo, ignoring the cost of roasting.

I've roasted my own in the past using a converted popcorn maker but it only does 100g at a time. I'd need a larger roaster really. The Sandbox R1‡ would be great, but it's around £700 including the cooler. That's equivalent to 182 kilos roasted, or a smidgen over twelve years of morning espressos.

Sadly, this isn't going to be viable, is it :-(

† https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/waitrose-colombian-coffee-beans/074908-37996-37997
‡ https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/sandbox-smart-roaster-black.html

SARS-CoVID2 Vaccinations

2020-03-12 16:56:21 - by AlisonW OurWorld Health People

I'm seeing tweets and posts about there already being a vaccination against the new pandemic but that they are being kept secret in Germany or Israel or whereever. This is a lie.

There are NONE presently, anywhere, as analysis of the #SARSCoVID2 is still ongoing. Just because the genome has already been published doesn't mean it is fully understood. At some point there will be something available to test and that will take some months to ensure no dangerous side-effects (let's cure not kill, please) so at best it will be the end of year before a safe vaccination.

By which time you'll probably have already caught it given how little testing is being undertaken in most countries (so allowing spread without knowledge).

By the way, 'working from home' should NOT mean working from your preferred cafe.

Choosing your candidate

2020-03-04 23:52:02 - by AlisonW Politics-US Democrats POTUS

It does not matter how much you like or prefer one candidate over another if they aren't electable by the country at large.

It isn't 'power at any cost' but what it will take to actually win that majority. There is no prize for coming 2nd.

This is applicable to BernieBros in the USA and Corbyn & Long-Bailey supporters in the UK. Those candidates scare off major tracts of the electorate, both nationally and locally.

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