Stupid git

2020-01-22 22:35:11 - by alisonw Tech Notes

Added an extra line of 'also me' links at the top of the page by the expedient of searching through the code for somewhere to put them! Also added a direct link to my diary and to one of my alternative sites.

For many years I've noted script kiddies trying to break my servers (I have a number of physical boxen running various services for me in my garage) and had been using a couple of methods to block them. Recently though I decided I should be 'better' about blocking them from all my machines together, not just on an ad hoc basis per machine when I remember, so I spent part of today developing a revised system for blocking them on machine 'A' and them pushing that block list out to my other machines at multiple locations.

I was going to detail it at another of my own sites but instead went for the GitHub option, which had its own learning curve! Anyway, it's all uploaded and available to anyone who wishes to try it.

If you want to just have the client end and use the block lists I generate then drop me a line.