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The Global Phonebook?
2011-07-25 @ 10:02:00
I've been thinking a lot about why Google seem so concerned about having "real" names; what difference it could actually …

Privacy (revisited)
2010-10-08 @ 14:29:00
Yesterday I tweeted ""I'm more than a bit worried about this #rainmaker thing. it requires others giving my email address …

ID Cards fail
2009-08-06 @ 14:33:00
I'm not a lover of the Daily Mail, but their article today on how easy -- and fast -- is …

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"I'm in favour of having people of colour come to this country..." says Johnson, demonstrating that his immigration…
@KevinPascoe : Listen to this carefully - I think he says people of colour. Do you?
Today at 13:43 »
@CalumAM : Michael Gove has just given out the number for Downing Street on @bbc5live encouraging us to call Boris Johnson’s d… .
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⚾🎶This used to be my playground...
@sabr : New @SABRGames story: On July 1, 1943, the @AAGPBL played an all-star game — a wartime benefit — under the lights a… .
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If your party's *leader* refuses to do television interviews (multiple!) then how can you ever trust him to talk se…
@ahddrv : Boris Johnson refuses to do election interview with ITV's Julie Etchingham .
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I endorse this message.
@KatyFBrand : An annual reminder to all companies to pay your freelancers before Christmas. If you go on your salaried holiday b… .
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RT @guardian :
@guardian : #EXCLUSIVE: how an Israeli group gained control of 21 of the biggest far-right Facebook pages, using them to fuel I… .
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Interesting article on new fuelling options for heavy haulage. #Hydrogen #FuelCell